About Us

Conach has completed numerous projects that involve developing and implementing detailed action plans to help clients achieve their goals and objectives and realize their vision. We have done this with clients in a variety of sectors – First Nation, Private, Public and Non-Profit. One singular characteristic that all of our clients have had in common is a desire to improve how they operate and do business – to move from their current situation to a future where their ambitions become a reality. This is the core of what Conach can do for you. We will help you clarify and formulate your vision.

We will work with you to translate that vision into goals and objectives. We will then help you build the action plans that move you from where you are to where you want to be. The Team at Conach does this by focussing the knowledge, experience and skills that we have developed through our collective project engagements since 1996. This means that you will receive the collective benefit of what we have learned from the dozens of projects we have completed with very satisfied clients.

We ensure that your project team is made up of industry professionals with proven track records of success. Our satisfaction comes from providing the right fit for every client, and then completing the tasks at hand.