For Our Aboriginal Clients

Conach has worked with a diverse group of private sector, public sector, Aboriginal and not-for-profit clients, including:

  • Qalipu Mi’Kmaq First Nation
  • Charles Andrew Youth Centre
  • Miawpukek First Nation
  • Sipujij Hunting and Fishing Lodge
  • Jim John Adventure Lodge
  • Sapaqamilek Lodge
  • Choices for Youth
  • Madawaski Cultural Inn
  • NL Association of CBDCs
  • Ulnooweg Development Group
  • Tract Consulting
  • Cape Freels Heritage Trust
  • Historic Sites Association
  • Town of Heart Content
  • Town of Hearts Desire-Islington
  • Town of Mt. Carmel
  • Town of Admiral’s Beach
  • Atlantic Policy Congress
  • Micmac Air Services
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Provincial Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador

Conach Consulting Inc. (CCI) has been involved in numerous projects that involve developing and implementing detailed action plans to help clients achieve their goals and objectives. It has done this in a variety of sectors – First Nation, private, public and not-for-profit – with many different clients. One thing that all of these clients have had in common is a desire to improve their circumstances – to move from their current situation to a future where their plans become a reality.

What makes Conach Consulting Inc different from other consulting firms is a unique perspective:

  • We have been working with First Nation and Inuit communities and organizations since we opened our doors in 1996.  We understand the unique economic development approach of First Nations and community ownership of businesses. We understand that Chiefs and Councils have social, economic and employment goals for band owned businesses in addition to being profitable. We also know that building community business operating capacity and transferring skills to community members is a crucial part of all successful economic development planning.
  • We know from our experience that growth must be manageable. It must show results without becoming overwhelming and it must keep pace with the community’s ability to manage the businesses and ventures it creates. The risk of business ventures must also be analyzed so that the community can make an informed decision about what it chooses to undertake.
  • We believe that all of the Band’s resources must be brought to bear to ensure the likelihood of success. This means ensuring that the Band use its access to training dollars to develop the skills necessary to support business ventures. It also means coordinating Band spending and purchasing to ensure that wherever possible those funds are used to buy goods and services from Band owned enterprises. It means training Band members to be involved in the businesses at all stages – from construction to start to management.
  • We understand that accessing the capital necessary for investment is not always an easy task. Many non-native institutions do not have a good understanding of First Nation communities. They are troubled by the fact that land and property on reserve cannot be used as security against loans. They may not understand the other goals that Bands have for their business enterprises, or the governance and business operating models of the Band. We are fully aware of the range of financial assistance available to First Nations through Ulnooweg Development Group, the Business Development Bank of Canada, the Community Business Development Corporations, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, a host of program specific funding from provincial and federal programs and Commercial Banks and Leasing Companies.